Episode #965 Ariel Kaye: How to Navigate Life as a Founder

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The interview video

Ariel and Jenna discuss Parachute's founding story, why culture keeps her awake at night, and the catalyst that changed her fundraising efforts.  


Ariel Kaye

Founder and CEO of Parachute View Full Profile

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The Parachute Story: How Ariel Kaye Navigated Life as a Solo Founder

Satya Patel, a Co-Founder and Partner at Homebrew, recently wrote a post about how difficult it is to be a solo founder. “Building a great company is hard enough. It’s even harder to do it alone,” he shared. In “Startups are Hard. Don’t go at it alone,” Satya cites idea validation, pressure to perform, and skill diversity among the benefits of having a co-founder.

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