Episode #1031 Anna Mongayt Counselman: How Upstart Empowers a Team of Initiators

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The interview video

Anna and Jenna discuss how Upstart develops their culture to create a self-sustaining business. 


Anna Mongayt Counselman

Co-founder and Head of Operations at Upstart View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • How Upstart helps people get financially fit
  • Navigating the pivot: Project Fast and Furious
  • How to empower a team of entrepreneurs
  • How to stay scrappy through scale
  • Why founders must stay vigilant to fight bureaucracy

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Upstart's Culture of Entrepreneurship

Organizational culture expert Scott Crabtree cites that our life circumstances make up less than 10% of our happiness. It’s the way we cope with them that matters. Thus when online lending platform Upstart embarked on Project Fast and Furious, the way their team “buckled down and did it” enabled them to navigate the three-month sprint without losing a single team member.

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