Episode #1602 Dr. Bruce Perry: How We Contribute to Each Other’s Vitality

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“When you feel connected, you feel whole.”

Child psychiatrist and neuroscientist Dr. Bruce Perry is renowned for his pioneering research on trauma. Yet, his impact is equally made each time he sits down to color with a four-year-old to help facilitate their healing. This is the life-giving power of connection, and it is the enduring theme of his work. 

We delve into Dr.Perry’s most recent book, co-authored with Oprah Winfrey, What Happened to You?, to understand how our experiences influence our brain development, and thus our worldview and behavior. He explains why our relationships are the number one predictor of our health and the profound ways we contribute to each other’s vitality. 

Dr.Perry’s vision for more connected communities, and the role we play in our own, is an invitation of tremendous hope...“We could have a quantum leap in humanity,” he writes. “We have so much unexpressed potential.” 


Dr. Bruce Perry

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