Episode #1583 Erin Mulcahy Stein: How will you take care of your memories?

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How often do you think about your memory? 

As the Executive Director of The Women’s Alzheimers Movement, Erin Mulcahy Stein doesn’t take her’s for granted. We explore ways we can be proactive about our brain health, prioritize mental fitness, and the importance of having conversations with our loved ones about caregiving. 

Erin’s dedicated her career to advocating for women. We discuss her compass for seeking meaning in her life, the value of knowing what you want, and speaking your truth to realize it. Touching lives around the world, she credits her sisterhood with inspiring and spreading WAM's mission, sharing that: “The most important thing that we can do on this Earth is to continue learning and teaching each other.” 


Erin Mulcahy Stein

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