Episode #1591 Jessica Robertson: Illuminating Our Shared Humanity

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When Jessica Robertson was 20 years old, she boarded her second ever flight to NYC to embark on her dream job at Rolling Stone. She landed with $350 and no insight on how to build a life in the city. Her courageous step was the first in becoming a transformative storyteller whose work has impacted millions, most recently as the Chief Content Officer at TOGETHXR, where she’s sharing the dynamic stories of women athletes. 

Jessica’s life’s work continues to profoundly shift culture. In helping people unveil their truths, she illuminates our shared humanity and builds bridges to feel seen and connected. We explore the freedom of living honestly, stepping into our voice, and learning to accept our fears. The connection Jessica cultivates can only be inspired through presence. We delve into her gift of guiding people to tell their story in their own words and lingering in the silences so they can share what is truly in their hearts. It’s those quiet awakenings that ring true in all of our’s.


Jessica Robertson

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