Episode #1236 Kaitlin Barton: Inside Califia Farms' Plant Based Food Revolution

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The interview video

Kaitlin and Jenna discuss how Califia Farms is changing the food system and their "unlimited runway to innovate." 


Kaitlin Barton

Senior Marketing Director at Califia Farms View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • An inside look into Califia Farms culture and the team that powers the leading plant-based brand (Their product team is only four people!) 
  • Storytelling at Califia Farms and why the brand’s highest goal is to Be Human
  • The team’s social media strategy and why they rely on optimism, integrity, and true friendship to build authentic one-on-one connections; “The value of our relationship with our consumers is lifelong. It has nothing to do with winning a purchase. We want to win your friendship.”
  • How Califia Farms became the top selling cold-brew coffee in the natural foods category, second only to Starbucks in the entire sector 
  • Why the team prioritizes accessibility to reach and educate all consumers and an inside look into shaping the Nitro storyline: with its “Better Coffee for All” campaign, including wtfisnitro.com 
  • Kaitlin’s work tailoring the team’s marketing strategy across their 27,000 retail locations; “It’s not about spending a ton of money to beat our competitors. It’s finding ways to show up in unexpected places and partnerships.” 
  • Deliberate growth and making the right decisions about where to invest  - People and products; "Where you choose to put your money as a young company says a lot about your long-term potential."