Episode #1076 Ashley Merrill: Inside Lunya’s Sleepwear Revolution

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The interview video

Ashley and Jenna discuss the journey launching Lunya and how the brand defines and serves modern women. 


Ashley Merrill

Founder and CEO of Lunya View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • Lunya’s founding story 
  • Inside the team’s design process and how they respond to customer feedback 
  • Why every interaction is an opportunity to create an evangelist
  • The importance of face-to-face time with your customers and how it impacts your brand
  • How to build a product that is an extension of your user  
  • How to distill your brand’s messaging and why it’s critical to your growth 
  • Lunya’s weekly stand-ups and how the team presents and collaborates on new projects 
  • Ashley’s personal experiences as a leader and the crucial link between patience and hiring 

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