Episode #1180 Julia Straus: Inside TULA’s Wellness Revolution

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The interview video

Julia and Jenna discuss TULA’s approach to wellness, relationship building strategies for e-commerce brands, and how to forge successful startup partnerships. 


Julia Straus

CEO of Tula View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • An introduction to TULA and how they utilize probiotics to nurture and protect our skin 
  • Why TULA approaches their evolution as a wellness company rather than a skincare startup  
  • How to present multi-faceted product descriptions in a digestible, educational, and relatable fashion 
  • Referrals and recommendations as the most powerful driver of new customers and how to leverage them 
  • Building relationships with trusted influencers - TULA works with over 400 - and how partnerships accelerate your growth 
  • Tips to identify and shape strategic partnerships and why Julia starts conversations asking: “How can we be creative together?” 
  • Why startups should aim for simple, low cost collaborations - such as hosting an event or coordinating a giveaway - until they’ve strongly developed their story