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Kelly McDonald

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How To Market To People Not Like You

Kelly McDonald is a real marketing maven.  She understands and applies the depth of marketing at its core - which is consumer behavior.  Look no further than her latest book - How To Market To People Not Like You - and you'll get a glimpse into Kelly's winning formula; understanding and listening to the consumer. 

In my conversation with Kelly, we spoke about what makes a bad campaign bad; and what make an amazing campaign amazing.  Sometimes the gap is really narrow, but almost all the time, the missing ingredient is the intimacy with consumers.  She starts with narrowcasting - identifying and creating dialogue with your highest potential market segment because 'it's better to reach 10% of what I call your 'high-potential market' than to reach 90% of a market that doesn't really care about your company or your products.'

Once she identifies that niched segment, her real works begins; find out how....