Episode #696 Susan Steinbrecher: Leading from the Heart

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Moe and Susan catch up to discuss the importance of serving as a leader in a way that engages, retains, and motivates employees, and why this style increases results.


Susan Steinbrecher

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Leading from the Heart

The responsibilities of a leader have never been more demanding; the challenges facing leaders have never been more pressing, still the opportunities to lead have never been more urgent.  Call it what you will, but each of us is a leader in our own way - whether we’re leading our personal lives or navigating the future for our companies; we’re leading and should be grateful for it.  To me, leadership has always been a privilege and an honor.  It’s an opportunity to help others see what they couldn’t see on their own; achieve what is likely impossible alone, and above all as Lao Tzu said ‘...when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say:  we did it ourselves.”  

Nearly a decade ago, Susan Steinbrecher and Joel Bennett, Ph.D introduced us to the concept of - Heart-Centered Leadership.  At the time, it was a fragile conversation that had us digging deeper and asking more questions, still it was intriguing enough to get us thinking.  In 2014; however, it’s impossible to imagine a leader who doesn’t start from the heart.  Here’s you’ll know that you’re making the shift.