Episode #1377 Hubble: Make These Choices Early to Smooth Startup Scaling

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Ben Cogan, Jesse Horwitz, and Jenna discuss how Hubble utilized Facebook Ads to build buzz, validate their product, and use the data to raise their first round of venture capital. Ben and Jesse dissect some of the key levers behind Hubble’s early success including: diversifying their marketing channels to safeguard their customer acquisition strategy and creating their first TV ads, designing their brand to resonate with consumers outside of the early adopter tech community, scaling their customer experience team to 80+ early, and only investing in tech where it’s necessary, not for the purpose of having a special tech stack. We also walk through startup leadership tips like the flexible benefits of the Co-CEO relationship and how to navigate it, hiring lean and working on projects with potential hires to test fit, as well as being vigilant about internal and external data and acting on it immediately to anticipate and address scaling challenges.



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