Episode #1388 Margaux: Margaux's Mission To Become Your Go-To Shoe Brand

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Alexa Buckley, Sarah Pierson, and Jenna discuss how Margaux is creating staple shoes for every part of a woman’s life. The founders share their decision to take the leap after hearing Sheryl Sandberg ask: What would you do if you weren’t afraid? and the challenges of founding the company right after college, especially partnering with a manufacturer; Their best tips are not to acknowledge perceived differences, keep persisting, and have a credible advocate - whether it’s an advisor, investor, or team member - to champion your mission. We chat about working in millimeters, both in designing shoes and building startups, how to respond to the investable question “What’s next?” and why the work no one sees is your competitive advantage. We also cover insights from Margaux’s #OnTheGaux series, including “True control comes from doing nothing," and how it helps the founders disconnect and recharge.



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