Episode #768 Peter Hubbell: Marketing for Gold in the Age of Aging

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Moe and Peter Hubbell discuss why the nearly 80 million baby boomers are marketing’s most valuable generation.


Peter Hubbell

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The Greatest Generation

If it is indeed true that those who have the gold make the rules, then no brand should ignore the Baby Boomer generation; for not only will they soon represent roughly 50% of the global population; more importantly, they will control 70% of its disposal income.  Take it a step further and consider the likelihood that they will inherit more than $8 trillion in the next decade from their Depression-raised parents, and you make a compelling case for why the nearly 80 million baby boomers represent marketing’s greatest untapped opportunity.  In his book, The Old Rush:  Marketing for Gold in the Age of AgingPeter Hubbell explains why brands who are most likely to resonate with Boomers start by internalizing these enduring values.