Episode #987 Charles D. Morgan: Matters of Life and Data

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Moe and Charles D. Morgan talk about the remarkable journey of a big data visionary whose work impacted millions (including you).


Charles D. Morgan

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The Making of Charles D. Morgan

I had a blast today speaking with Charles D. Morgan about his highly entertaining memoir - Matters of Life and Data.  If you know anything about Charles, you undoubtedly know that he is first and foremost, a fighter.  Someone who isn’t afraid  to push boundaries, challenge assumptions, and even risk his life in pursuit of something he loves.   For the better part of 36 years, he orchestrated the small data gathering company he founded, Acxiom Corporation (NASDAQ:  ACXM) into becoming a global powerhouse with revenues topping $1.4 billion.  

As in each of our lives, no two days were the same for Morgan; there were good days and bad days.  A bitter public divorce battle, some near fatal business challenges, and several failed partnerships contributed to a tale that can only be told by the person who has lived through it.  It’s a story of luck and love, fast cars and a rich life; but most important of all, a portrait of a man’s determination and resolve.  

We talk about all of that and more during this conversation:  

  • How he measures his life and legacy

  • The blurred lines between personal and professional happiness

  • The one lesson he carries with him from Sam Walton

  • Building the confidence to deal with giant personalities

  • Balancing public scrutiny & personal resolve

  • The Tom Peters influence on his leadership style

  • The good & bad sides of financial success

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