Episode #1604 Liz Wiseman: A Framework To Multiply Your Impact

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Often, the word 'potential' is more hype than substances - yet in every endeavor, a few outshine the rest.  In this conversation - Moe is rejoined by Liz Wiseman to discuss the five characteristics that distinguish true Impact Players


Liz Wiseman

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What Impact Players Don't Do

“Pressure is a Privilege” is often a phrase that we hear elite athletes use when facing an especially challenging situation.  Whether it’s a mental trick or an invitation to step into a new terrain; those who dare always seem to experience something new, regardless of the outcome. 

It was Billie Jean King who coined the phrase, still I recognize it as much in business as I do in sports; and those who I most admire hardly acknowledge that shift in mindset.  Its easy to name those top-of-mind individuals who have truly influenced society, yet the ones you don’t see or hear about are likely the ones who have a lot to teach us.  In her book - Impact Players:  How to take the lead, play bigger, and multiply your impact - Liz Wiseman synthesizes her deep research into five characteristics that you’ll recognize in the high achievers with whom you work, live, or just admire. 

Here’s a sampling of the questions we explore:

  • What’s visible in athletic performance that’s invisible in the business realm - when it comes to world-class performers?
  • Real value is always in the eye of the beholder - what happens when you actually put that in practice?
  • How does an ‘impact player’ consistently gauge the value she’s creating?
  • The mindset shift that happens when you practice ‘perspective taking’?
  • The three habits that distinguish an impact player?
  • How does an ‘impact leader’ define risk?
  • The balance between high self-confidence and low situational-confidence, and why that matters?
  • The real function of burnout and ways to minimize it?
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