Episode #1230 Jeff Kim: Neumob Powers Mobile’s Global Play

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The interview video

Jeff and Jenna discuss why “mobile first means global first” and how developers can build meaningful applications for the next billion users. 


Jeff Kim

Co-founder and CEO of Neumob View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • How to tailor your app for the global market and key differences developers must address to succeed  - Function > Fashion 
  • Working with app developers to shape the technology powering Neumob 
  • Neumob’s global expansion; “The mobile app ecosystem is not a U.S. phenomena. It’s a global phenomenon.” 
  • Questions in the ever-growing mobile app landscape such as: How do you measure the user experience of a mobile app? What defines performance? 
  • Defaulting to a slower hiring process to bring on team members who are fit for the long-term;  “Delay your plan by 6 months because you’re not going to be able to hire fast enough.”
  • The importance of gratitude and perspective in managing your psychology as a founder; "Managing your stress as a founder is part of your job."