Episode #1188 Pramod Sharma: Osmo Pioneers AI in Children’s Play

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The interview video

Pramod and Jenna discuss Coding, the newest addition to the Osmo collection, and how the game puts children in the driver's seat programming. 


Pramod Sharma

Co-Founder and CEO of Osmo View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • Osmo’s newest game Coding and how it teaches children the fundamentals of programming  
  • How playing with Awbie empowers children to experiment 
  • The company’s work developing Coding and an inside look into the team's building and testing processes
  • The inherent emotions Osmo ignites in us and why the platform is so contagious 
  • The future of Artificial Intelligence in children’s play and how it’s elevating engagement with technology by making the interactions more natural 
  • How Osmo is creating a cultural structure that “enables experimentation in parallel” and why the team is always open to new surprises - Pramod’s core takeaway from Coding is that you can never predict what's coming next
  • Scaling company communication - Self-starters don’t need hand holding. They need context. 
  • The team’s excitement innovating in the physical space and the power of creating with our hands
  • The “magical” update that Pramod and Jerome have been working on from day one