Episode #192 Phil McKinney: Killer Questions That Spark Game-Changing Innovation


In this episode of 33voices podcast with Phil McKinney, Moe Abdou discusses Innovation


Phil McKinney

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The questions that spark innovation

Innovation is a big mystery to many of us.  As we marvel at the genius of great innovators, we tend to discount our own abilities to be innovative.  After reading former Hewlett-Packard CTO, Phil Mckinney 's book - Beyond the Obvious - I validated my belief that we're all innovators.  What seems to separate the likes of  Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates from the rest of us is a courage to challenge current assumptions.  These pioneers thrive by asking key questions that aim to simplify and better the lives of their customers.  For nine years at HP, Phil did just that.  Here's a glimpse at how he did it.....