Episode #568 David DiSalvo: Rewire Your Brain

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Moe and David discuss 'Brain Changer.'


David DiSalvo

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Think about how you think

Think about how you think.

Most of us are living on autopilot.  More often than not, we seem to be in a responsive mode as we rush to get ahead of our daily routines.  We've been conditioned that checking off our to-do list gives us a sense of accomplishment, and a feeling of success.   Yet, most of us would have difficulty discussing "How" and "Why" we do what we do.  Rarely do we take the time to step into observer mode, and examine the way we think about things.  David DiSalvo has decoded this notion, known as metacognition, in his intriguing book - What Makes Your Brain Happy And Why You Should Do The Opposite - Here' a glimpse...