Episode #1056 Kris Gale: The Cultural Practices Powering Sustainable Growth

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The interview video

Kris and Jenna discuss the core principles shaping Clover Health’s egoless and mission driven culture. 


Kris Gale

Co-founder and CTO of Clover Health View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • How Clover’s care management system improves health outcomes

  • Why starting with a simple approach maximizes your long term impact  

  • The key to hiring egoless engineers

  • How to reframe delegation as empowerment

  • How to lead your team to always operate like its year one

  • Why intuitive leaders “never stomp on autonomy”  

  • The immeasurable value of small groups and short iteration cycles

  • The influence Clover’s weekly Demo Days have on the team’s confidence, collaboration, and public speaking skills.

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How Clover Health's Culture is Redefining Health Insurance

In 2008, Kris Gale was one of the founding members of Yammer’s engineering team. He stayed with the company for six years as VP of Engineering where he grew the team from three people to over 200.As Kris transitioned his department from operating like a family to a real organization, he kept a single question in mind:

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