Episode #1100 Matt Williams: The Goal Setting Framework Powering Pro.com

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The interview video

Matt and Jenna discuss how his time at Amazon, Digg, and Andreessen Horowitz shape his goal setting strategies at Pro.com. 


Matt Williams

Founder and CEO of Pro.com View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • How Pro.com is streamlining the home services process
  • Matt’s two core lessons from his tenure at Amazon 
  • Why perseverance is an essential trait to seek and establish in your team 
  • The most significant way you can help your team members grow in their roles 
  • A simple framework to set, execute, and evaluate company goals
  • Inside Pro.com's debrief process and how they decide which projects to pursue, and which to conclude  
  • The essential component of enabling your team members to be productive, not busy 
  • The single biggest question entrepreneurs face and how to answer it
  • How to use customer experience as your ultimate guide and the importance of recognizing the difference between a customer’s actions and feedback
  • Why you should choose data over emotions and the unexpected results that will arise in your business (Spoiler: You’ll likely get to perform all of the experiments you want. They may just happen at a later time.) 
  • Matt’s journey defying the odds with his first company LiveBid and its eventual acquisition by Amazon 

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