Episode #1383 Raegan Moya-Jones: The Inside Story of aden+anais' Ascent To $100M

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Raegan Moya-Jones and Jenna discuss aden+anais' founding story and how Raegan got the business to $1 million in revenue while working full time at The Economist and building the business after putting her daughters to bed between 8:30 p.m. to 3 a.m.. We chat about the realities of launching a business, including surviving the exhaustion, how startups influence personal relationships and the way Raegan accepted and approached this. Raegan opens up about co-founder partnerships, shares an exercise to truly stress test your relationship before partnering and what to establish legally, as well as how she ran the business on her own after her co-founder departed, while also raising the funds to save the company. We walk through Raegan’s journey as a self-taught CEO, how to help your team recover from mistakes quickly, and balancing being democratic and collaborative while also being decisive: “It’s the people who make the organization not where they sit in the organization.” 


Raegan Moya-Jones

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