Episode #1469 Robert Greene: The Laws of Human Nature

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No one understands human psychology more than best-selling author and world-class thinker, Robert Greene - he rejoins Moe Abdou to explore the essence of human motivation & desires.  


Robert Greene

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Why You Should Never Stop Questioning Yourself

I’ve always felt a strong correlation between the quality of my life and the quality of the relationships and conversations that I’m having.  Some provide a spark when I most need it, others help me see the world from a completely different frame of mind, and still others challenge the very essence of my thinking.  Regardless, I find it a privilege to listen and reflect.   

I learned long ago that everyone has something unique to offer -  and as such, I’ve made it my highest priority to approach each interaction with the singular objective of trying to identify that seed of greatness that I know exists within each of us.  From a purely selfish perspective, it’s a curious thing - as I’m very interested in what makes others tick; but equally important is my desire to gain a better understanding of what makes people do what they do.  

For well over a decade, Robert Greene has been one of the most prolific thinkers and writers whom I’ve had the pleasure to get to know.  His style of writing is without peer, but it’s the depth of his thinking that always seems to challenge how I see the world and his latest book - The Laws of Human Nature -  is no exception.  Six years in the making, this book is a graduate course in understanding one of life’s most essential skills, human behavior - and as you’ll discover in this conversation, it’s likely the one distinguishing characteristic that separates world-class achievers from the rest.  We cover a lot in this episode, but I encourage you to pay particular attention to his comments to the following questions:

  • Why empathy is a superpower and how to ignite it?
  • What the perception you have of yourself reveals about your character?
  • Why the #1 quality of a leader is adaptability, not foresight or confidence?
  • The success trap that gets in the way of exponential growth?
  • What not to do when you meet someone for the first time?
  • The correlation between your attitude and the quality of your life?
  • The singular quality that distinguishes elite performers from the ordinary?
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