Episode #572 David Burkus: The Myths of Creativity

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Moe and David discuss the truth about how innovative companies and people generate great ideas.


David Burkus

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The Myths of Creativity

There are far too many facets of Amazon.com’s relentless innovation factory, but always toping that list is their people; particularly their founder, Jeff Bezos. At the Seattle’s behemoth, it’s always ‘day one’, which translates to a culture that rewards creativity, invention, and a never-ending obsession to serve their customer. Observe a leader at Amazon trying to solve a problem, and you’ll notice that he’ll ‘never accept either/or thinking.’ Instead, it’s about tenaciously pursuing a solution that achieves both results - they rely on deliberate creativity to invent their way out of any box; and their culture continually demonstrates their ability to do so. 
Society has a tendency to label certain profiles and progressive organizations as ‘creative’, still David Burkus might convince you otherwise. In his book, The Myths of Creativity, Burkus debunks 10 common creativity myths, and in the process will show you why Amazon’s imaginative culture is built on this framework.