Episode #1111 Philip Winter: The Nebia Movement

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The interview video

Philip and Jenna discuss how Nebia's established a strong product roadmap while simultaneously leaving room for unexpected opportunities - such as joining Y Combinator  - to shape their journey.


Philip Winter

Co-founder and CEO of Nebia View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • Nebia’s founding story 
  • The team’s experience moving to San Francisco, joining Y Combinator, and launching in 90 days versus their anticipated four months 
  • The value of deadlines, both artificial and authentic, and how they influence your team’s productivity  
  • How to move fast while focusing on important details in your product and customer experience 
  • Nebia’s approach to creating a warm and welcoming brand; Particularly when they’re asking customers to come and take a shower in their office 
  • How to align, evaluate, and prioritize your product’s numerous selling points 
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook’s advice on building a long term company and why following your gut is the most effective way to make decisions