Episode #1398 Kevin Lavelle: The Power of Living and Leading With Gratitude

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Kevin Lavelle and Jenna walk through Mizzen+Main’s founding story, from storing inventory in their bedroom to partnering with Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt and being sold in over 450 retailers across the U.S.. 

Kevin shares how gratitude helped him survive early challenges, like days when no sales were made, and navigate growing pains when customer demand outpaced the team's ability to scale processes. 

He opens up about his personal evolution as a leader, how vulnerability directly influences and accelerates our growth, and why the path of self-improvement is much better traveled with others. We close chatting about two of the tactics - the Memento Mori and The Tail End framework - that help Kevin live and lead with gratitude, and the importance of detaching from things that take you away from living a fulfilling life.


Kevin Lavelle

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