Episode #1261 Daina Trout: Harnessing Your Values as a Competitive Advantage

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The interview video

Daina and Jenna discuss how Health-Ade evolved from a hair loss prevention company to a nationally distributed kombucha brand. 


Daina Trout

CEO and Founder of Health-Ade Kombucha View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • The internal voice and introspection that inspired Daina to start her own business and the self-started entrepreneurs club that led to Health-Ade 
  • The decision to transition Health-Ade from a farmer’s market stand into a full-time business, despite only having $80 in the bank 
  • Health-Ade’s moment of truth and how the founders drove the results they needed to survive; “We took all of our risk in sweat. We devoted every cell in our bodies to proving everyone wrong.” 
  • The first steps Daina and her co-founders Justin and Vanessa took to start growing Health-Ade; “Create a plan and an extraordinary goal. Go after them with no excuses.”
  • Health-Ade's framework for setting extraordinary goals and how they transform your business 
  • The irreplaceable value of standing for something larger than yourself and how Health-Ade’s values became their competitive advantage 
  • The new food movement and Health-Ade’s fight for real food; “It’s 2016. No matter where we go we deserve to have access to real food." 
  • Health-Ade's Follow Your Gut mantra; "Your gut isn't always right but it always gets you to the right place. "