Episode #1200 Ariel Kaye: The Road to Rose Avenue

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Ariel and Jenna discuss the core lessons Ariel learned creating and leading Parachute during the company’s first year.


Ariel Kaye

Founder and CEO of Parachute View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • How exceptional quality and an authentic story distinguish your company as a brand rather than a product 
  • Parachute’s internal efforts promoting the brand without a marketing budget during year one 
  • The team’s work fulfilling our desire to discover new brands and the importance of your first customers being capable and eager to tell your story
  • Ariel’s first nine months heading customer service and why she approached every interaction like a focus group; One-on-one’s with customers are startups unique opportunity to beat the competition
  • When Ariel knew it was time to make her first hire and tips on how to navigate working with your new team member 
  • The importance of giving your team the ability to unveil new ways of thinking; “Trust them and allow the to be their very best.” 
  • The right way to emotionally detach from your product and Ariel’s personal experiences relinquishing the pursuit of perfection; It’s not scalable. 
  • The A-ha moment that changed Ariel’s pitching style; “This is not the time to be shy. This is your moment to let it all out and show people how dedicated you are.”