Episode #1191 Justin Kan: The Road to Y Combinator

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The interview video

Justin and Jenna discuss how he’s applying lessons learned building Justin.tv and Twitch to support startups at Y Combinator as well as grow his newest company The Artist Union


Justin Kan

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Learning Points

  • Balancing experience and experimentation at startups;  “Experience can save you 90% of the work.” 
  • The surprise pizza delivery to Justin.tv Co-founder Kyle Vogt that saved the site 
  • The decision to join Y Combinator and why the organization is more of an alumni community than an accelerator 
  • Snapchat as a low friction creation tool and how prompts, like filters and lens, inspire engagement (Follow Justin at: justinkan)
  • Key management learnings and why founders should embrace comparative advantage
  • Founders evolution shifting from an operator to a leader; Justin recommends connecting with a management coach
  • The most rewarding project Justin’s ever built 
  • The Artist Union and the core experiential learning Justin's applying to it; “If you have a platform that’s really growing never sell it.”
  • Justin’s decision-making framework and when you should wait before you act