Episode #1534 Kapil Gupta: The Trap of Right and Wrong

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In their latest episode, Moe and Kapil take a deeper dive into understanding why your conditioning of right and wrong, winning and losing; and the notion of personal growth is precisely what's keeping you stuck.


Kapil Gupta

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A Devotion To Greatness

If you’re serious about the pursuit of perpetual excellence, I urge you to pay attention to the depth of personal examination that Kapil describes.  Not only is his a level of devotion, seriousness and sincerity that few are willing to commit; it’s a deliberate and uncompromising pursuit of a Truth that seems so invisible to so many.  

As only Kapil will do, he will challenge your thinking and leave you wondering why what seems so elusive may actually be right in front of you.  

Here’s a sampling of what we discuss:  

  • Why isolation is so important?
  • What not to do when you’re in a toxic environment or around negative people?
  • The difference between clarity and doubt?
  • Understanding why whatever you chase runs away?
  • What we get wrong about selling?
  • Understanding the relationship you have with yourself?
  • A better approach to understanding and handling criticism.
  • What to understand when your emotions hijack your mind?
  • The leader’s most important and singular responsibility? 
  • Rethinking the essence of business.
  • Why right and wrong is often the barrier?
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