Episode #1384 Birdies: Birdies is Making Slippers Chic - Here's How

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Bianca Gates, Marisa Sharkey, and Jenna chat about the text that kicked off Birdies and how they launched their first collection by the holidays (including storing their first set of inventory at Marisa's house!). Bianca and Marisa explain how they got in touch with their first manufacturer and what production partners are looking for before working with a startup. Bianca shares a helpful tactic to get to know your network in order to leverage it: Every day between work and home stop and have a conversation with someone in your network purely about business. Next time you need advice you’ll know exactly who has the right expertise. We talk about the future of digitally led brands and how Bianca’s time leading global marketing solutions at Facebook influences Birdies' goal to be a friend to their community, not a brand trying to sell them a product. We also chat about a yearly goal setting practice: At the start of the year, write a letter to yourself detailing all of the milestones you want to hit by this time next year, the challenges you’ll have faced and overcome to reach them, and the experiences you want to have; "Everything you do becomes deliberate because it’s already been planned."



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