Episode #1394 Jennifer Bett Communications: This Is How Today's Leading Brands Are Doing PR

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Jennifer Bett Communications' Founder Jennifer Bett Meyer, Managing Director Melissa Duren Conner, and Jenna discuss how today’s leading consumer startups like Lunya, M.Gemi, and Parachute are navigating the new world of PR. Jennifer and Melissa break down the elements of quality PR that drive ROI, emphasize the importance of startups deploying a diverse press strategy, covering multiple story angles and publications, and explain how to assess media outlets based on how they can help you connect with a new audience. 

Jennifer and Melissa also take us behind the scenes at their JBC brainstorm meetings, and share their values of always having each other’s backs and never settling; “Success is about never settling. It’s asking: What else? It’s always about how are you continuously evolving and reaching higher than you ever have?”


Jennifer Bett Communications

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