Episode #1590 Ellen Bennett: What It Really Takes To Achieve Your Dreams

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If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to realize your vision, Hedley & Bennett Founder Ellen Bennett’s book, Dream First, Details Later, will show you the path. 

Fulfilling your dream is never easy. But, would you want to dedicate yourself to anything else? For Ellen, building a brand beloved by chefs around the world was more than worth it. We dive into her best stories, from the chef who gifted her the traveling apron to the team’s Hail Mary to meet their biggest deadline on the tarmac at LAX, and how the magic of ‘Vitamixing’ manifested their first company kitchen - for free! 

Ellen’s gift of marrying honesty with gratitude for the journey is a catalyst to pursue our passions. As she says: 'Whatever your gift is, lean into that.' 


Ellen Bennett

Founder and CEO of Hedley & Bennett and Author of Dream First, Details Later View Full Profile