Episode #1598 Helene Henderson: When Serendipity Meets Purpose

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“Nature keeps moving on.” And, so does Chef Helene Henderson. 

Helene’s journey is marked by serendipity met by the courage to embrace opportunity. What began as saying ‘Yes’ to teaching cooking classes in her home evolved into farm dinners and what has become her global farm-to-table restaurant, Malibu Farm. 

Helene’s connection with nature stems back to childhood. We explore nature as a gateway to peace, how she grows her garden in rhythm with it, and the wisdom it offers in navigating our lives. Beginning each day feeding her animals, Helene wakes with the promise of a fresh start and embodies an inspiring agency about the way we experience and make the most of our time, even the waiting. Her path illuminates that our life is always leading us to exactly where we’re meant to be; An insight she enlivens with beautiful questions that sew the threads of happiness throughout our lives. 


Helene Henderson

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