Episode #1150 Food52: Why Food52 Wants to Empower Your Inner Chef

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Amanda, Merrill, and Jenna discuss evolving Food52’s thriving community, their mission to celebrate home cooks, and why “chaos is healthy for the creative process.”



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Learning Points

  • Amanda and Merrill’s work testing 1,400 recipes for The Essential New York Times Cookbook: Classic Recipes for a New Century and how the experience served as training for running a business together 
  • The genesis of Food52’s new app (Not) Recipes and the team’s goal to recognize home cooks’ expertise
  • The evolution of food culture and our generation’s celebration of casual and creative cooking
  • How Food52 balances community and brand and why the team’s voice is critical to maintaining the user experience 
  • Why transparency is a foundational value at Food52 and how they practice it 
  • The life-changing difference asking yourself and your team hard questions makes and when it’s time to pivot 
  • Why “chaos is healthy for the creative process” and how to lean into it 

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How Inclusion Made Food52 the Web’s Hungriest Community

Before launching Food52, Amanda Hesser, and Merrill Stubbs spent their nights and weekends testing over 1,400 recipes for The Essential New York Times Cookbook: Classic Recipes for a New Century. The experience laid the foundation for their co-founder relationship which is as fluid as the ebbs and flows of two chefs collaborating in the kitchen.

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