Episode #1208 Ladislas de Toldi: Why Leka is More Than a Robot

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The interview video

Ladislas and Jenna discuss how Leka is creating a robotic companion for exceptional children.


Ladislas de Toldi

Co-founder and CEO of Leka View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • Leka as a robotic companion that helps exceptional children engage emotionally and socially 
  • Implementing features that require whole body movement in order to develop children’s motor skills 
  • Why Leka’s repeatable responses help children feel comfortable and emotionally stable 
  • Leka as a tool for parents, educators, and therapists to work with children as they develop over time 
  • Using Leka as a bridge for communication and social interaction 
  • Designing Leka’s face to be customized for every child and how it influences children’s emotional recognition 
  • The team's plan to utilize their data to accelerate educator’s efforts and help them partner with parents more effectively 
  • The team’s long-term vision for Leka to be a learning tool for children around the world