Episode #1123 Steve Martocci: Why Trailblazers Embrace Non-Linear Thinking

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The interview video

Steve and Jenna discuss the genesis of his most inspired ideas and how to shift your mindset to nurture your inner inventor and navigate creative exploration. 


Steve Martocci

Co-founder and CEO of Splice View Full Profile

Learning Points

  • Splice’s mission to let “artists create fearlessly”
  • How Splice is using connectivity to shape the future of music 
  • The deep curiosity fueling Steve’s explorer’s mindset, from improving the way hoverboards work to creating the Uber of helicopters 
  • What rapid creation can do for your business, including examples from GroupMe hackathons  
  • A framework to evaluate and execute on your ‘A-ha’ ideas and why capital often isn’t necessary to do so 
  • How to balance your gut and data driven decisions 
  • The role timing plays in entrepreneurial success and how to come to terms with it 
  • Steve’s work angel investing with his former GroupMe Co-founder Jared Hecht and the value of investing with a partner 

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