10 Tips to Remember When Setting Fall Goals by Jenna Abdou

1. As you evolve your business, too much precision in your planning is a bad thing. Be clear on your most important outcomes instead. 

 - Inspired by Roger McNamee, Founder of Elevation Partners 

2. Next time someone asks you “what do you do?” capture their attention by focusing  on who you are,  not on the work that you do.

 - Inspired by Sally Hogshead, Author of How the World Sees You 

3. Happiness isn’t based on your circumstances; It’s a state of being that you control. 

 - Inspired by Valerie Alexander, Founder of SpeakHappiness 

4. In business, the mantra ‘question everything’ is a call to innovate. In life, it’s an invitation to go beyond what you know. 

 - Inspired by Chris GrossoThe Indie Spiritualist 

5. Opt not to fight fear with fear; Give it a personality and watch it diminish. 

 - Inspired by Zara Swindells-Grose, Director of Humour Australia 

6. You will rise or fall to the level of your competition. The best competitors compete to continually improve their performance, not just to win. 

 - Inspired by Ashley Merryman, Author of Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing  

7. If you want to get the best out of your millennial work force fit the job to the person, not the person to the job 

 - Inspired by Aaron HurstThe Purpose Economy

8. If your imagination is hindered by the quest for certainty, then you’ll always do what you’ve always done. 

 - Inspired by Stuart Firestein, Chair of The Department Biological Sciences at Columbia University 

9. Give what you’ve never received and you’ll get what you’ve always wanted. 

 - Inspired by Rusty RueffThe GRAMMY foundation

10. If you feel an itch, pay attention to it. It’s likely an opportunity worth pursuing. 

 - Inspired by Miki Agrawal, Founder of WILD 

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