Aging Gracefully and Strong by Jenna Abdou

The first time I sat down with Dr. Melinda Silva, she was handing me a 100 page packet detailing 37 plus food allergies and describing leaky gut syndrome - two topics I was surprisingly eager to discuss. Having suffered from undiagnosed food allergies from age 4, my mom and I were deeply relieved to have the conversation, not because Dr. Silva was sharing a solution, but because she was first doctor who recognized our problem.

It’s been three years since that conversation and thanks to Dr. Silva I no longer suffer from leaky gut syndrome. While my health is certainly the greatest gift she’ll ever impart to me, I’m equally appreciative for the lessons she teaches me to prioritize the way I feel over others’ opinions about my well being. 

Dr. Silva’s approach to my condition is reflective of her body of work helping individuals supplement hormone deficiencies with bio identical hormone therapy. As she helps men, women and children address declining hormone levels by identifying conditions such as adrenal fatigue, hair loss, difficulty sleeping and lack of focus, her methodology aims to give people their lives back instead of simply masking their symptoms. 

In addition to her work in the office, Dr. Silva leads her daughter’s Girl Scouts troop, is selling her healthy energy drink, Age Defense Water, in over 170 retail locations in San Diego and most recently authored her book, Aging Gracefully and Strongly: ABCs of YOUthful LivingIf you’re seeking to take control of your health or simply want to improve your life, I urge you to listen to each of Dr. Silva’s interviews  not only to gain insight on how to improve your health but to learn how to trust your institution above all else. 

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