An Invisibile Thread by Moe Abdou

On more than one occasion, I've walked past a homeless person on the street and felt the urge to do more than just hand him five dollars; yet, only once did I stop and do more.  He was in his 20s, humble, sacred and just plain mad at the world.  As I always do, I asked a few questions, and although he was attentive, he chose not to respond.  So, within ten minutes, I handed him that five bucks and walked away.  My curiosity about the 'why' behind homelessness was piqued, but it was only after I stumbled upon Laura Schroff's Today show segment, that I was convinced that I needed to do more.  Laura was born to be an Angel, and when destiny came calling one night in New York, she not only raised the spirits of one hungry Maurice Mazyck, she changed her life in the process. An Invisible Thread is an ancient Chinese Proverb that none of us can ignore - Here's why

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