How to Master Email Marketing by Jenna Abdou

From Black Magic to Suit Up and encouraging me to stay in bed for the Sunday Scroll, the Tisch brothers’ Spring app has far exceeded my expectations. 

Spring emails are the highlight of my day, which serves as a testament to the team’s content sharing strategy as I’m a Christmas PJ enthusiast not a shopper. 

After coming to terms with my addiction to Spring emails, I was curious to learn how the best email marketers do it so I reached out to Michael Nutt and Vivek Sharma, the founders of Movable Ink, for a class on agile email marketing. 

Vivek sums it up best by defining agile emails as “faster, smarter, and more measurable,” the three tasks the startup’s committed to helping brands, like Macy’s and AirBnB, deliver to their customers. 

To start, the founders urge companies to prioritize a single call to action in each email. So whether you’re announcing a flash sale or linking readers to a new post, it’s important that additional features (such as sharing icons and timers) don’t distract from your ultimate goal. 

Once you’ve achieved consistent sales and increased traffic, Vivek and Michael urge founders to test new features one at a time and with a hypothesis designed measure results.

Just like you don’t have abs after your first workout (Something really needs to change about that!) it’s important to test new features slowly and raise your ambition as individual tests succeed.

Vivek and Michael are rightly obsessed with relevancy and the future of personalized brand and consumer interactions. They urge brands to find a balance between pushing content and selling by educating readers with new information, whether it be local events or content from another site, that adds real value to a their lives. 

Thus if your main goal is to sell the latest addition to your clothing line the most effective marketing strategy is to share content that each individual reader is excited about and let them take it from there.

While I’m incredibly grateful for the advice Vivek and Michael provided in their 33founders episode, I’m most appreciative that they shared the strategy they’re using to maintain an underdog mentality through scale. 

As they grow the company to over 90 employees in under four years the founders are using the 3B’s - Bigger, Badder, and Better - to keep the team competing to be most prominent email marketing platform in New York.

For insights on how to craft shareable emails and to learn more about Vivek and Michael’s journey running Movable Ink tune into their 33founders episode and start using their platform here

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