Jeff Spencer: The path to the permazone by Moe Abdou

It’s a good way to start by giving us the context of this slide and we’ll make the slide available to every body of this path to the permazone.

My observation is that I’ve been involved in 40+ world Olympic, Tour de France National championshipsand and I was in the Olympic myself and I know what it’s like to perform on the top. One of the characteristics that I gave away from the cure of my life is the continue revolution that getting to the top and staying there is not an accident, it’s the outcome of the very deliberate action strategy that are consistently applied. It also has very much to do with the wide stand development, meaning that there are certain milestones that we have to hit along the journey to our maturation. As a person if we hit those marks with the right type of principles and the right mindset, and physical and mental skills to be able to capitalize the opportunity, then we’re going to be able to become a consistent piece of perpetual performaner, what I’ve term the permazone. In that set of state, we are supposed to be able to call up geomedical calls on command virtually each and every time. And that’s truly the holly grill of any entrepreneur and sportsmen and any entertainer is able to call up that magic plate called the zone where magic happens that will allow the transient what we believe to what we are capable of but we certainly of a glimpse of what’s possible. So that’s the origin. Last week I put it down in the schematic forms to help better convey to others exactly what those central seven steps are to be able to get to convert to the top and to be able to stay there long term and be a consistent performer.

Jeff I think one of the most exhilarating for me the more that I have learnt from you the process the more that we have learned from kind of partners this whole path, Srini Pillay, is there really is a method. And when most of us I made the comment to you when we earlier spoke about how exciting it was to watch tigers, the masters to kind of watch the eventual winner win. Most people forgot that while it’s tremendously empowering to see that. At the same time I also get the sense that the whole process of getting to that point is just as exhilarating.

It really is. And to see a person do these spectacular personal achievement that seem transient to really what they are to just the expression of the life reflect because they have captured and developed the skill an such incredible sensitivity and commitment behind the scene that when it comes time to perform, all of them will show up next to the skill.  It’s almost the champion has already won before they even show up, because they know what need to happen and to make it happen.

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