Out Thinking Your Competition by Moe Abdou

Have you every wondered what it might be like to work at Google, Amazon, or Salesforce?  Chances are, you’d be challenged to think bigger, act quicker and never, ever give up your dream of changing the world.  It’s no surprise that all three of these work environments are as demanding as they are inspiring; and as competitive as they are collaborative.  Still, if like the unscripted work of always having to come up with new ideas; there aren’t many better places to work.  

“I encourage our employees to go down blind alleys and experiment...” said Amazon’s Jeff Bezos; “we’ve tried to create tools to reduce the cost of doing experiments so that we can do more of them.  If you can increase the number of experiments you try from a hundred to a thousand, you dramatically increase the number of innovations you produce.”  Like Google’s Larry Page, and Salesforce’s Marc Benioff, Bezos knows that if he’s going to continue to obsess about his customer, Amazon has to be a relentless innovator.  

G. Shawn Hunter is one of the real innovators in the eLearning space, and in his work with thousands of acclaimed leaders, he concludes that one-dimensional intelligence is no longer a competitive advantage.  Today, only those who can Out Think their competitors will have a chance to stay relevant - it starts with something he calls; Marketquake ----- 

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