Passion and Purpose by Moe Abdou

'Do or do not; there is no try."  Yoda made that powerful declaration in Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back - and it's become the mantra guiding this generation of entrepreneurs.   This breed of young visionaries are special because they see the world from a unique vantage point.  Having lived through the global financial crisis, they've witnessed first hand the distress that occurs when your values are misaligned and your life is devoid of meaning.  They left university anticipating a challenging job market, and as such were forced to seek more creative methods to build careers.  Look around you and you'll likely notice an inspired generation of twenty somethings with bold ideas, bigger dreams and the incredible resilience necessary to thrive in modern society.   When John Coleman, Daniel Gulati and W. Oliver Segovia left Harvard Business School, they set out to discover the big issues on the minds of their contemporaries.  They walked away knowing that today's brightest young stars aren't solely driven by money, in fact, they're much more inspired to make a difference in the world by living their Passion & Purpose.  Here's how they plan to get there.....  

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