Resonate by Moe Abdou

You can change the world.

"You have the power to change the world."  Those were the first words spoken when Nancy Duarte dazzled the audience at a recent TEDx event.  She spoke with authority, passion, a smile and a laser focused eye contact.  Whether you knew Nancy or not, after those eight words; you were at the edge of your seat filled with a sense of inspiration that's ever so rare today. Listen to her talk  -

Nancy's company duarte is the preeminent presentation company in the world; they help their clients convey ideas that inspire.  They've figured out that the best presentations are simply human to human, and each human is drawn to the power of story.  Study all the greats who've changed the world, like Steve Jobs and Martin Luther King, Jr., and you'll see that 'they used a story framework' to pass their ideas forward and inspire movements.  

Each of us can do the same, and Nancy has the formula....     

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