Rewire Your Brain by Moe Abdou

At the end of each day, I pause for two minutes to write down the five things that made that particular day worthwhile. This simple exercise called, The Positive Focus, was created by Dan Sullivan to help his entrepreneurial clients focus less on perfection and more on the progress that they’re making. Early on, I did it to rid of any negative thinking, but little did I know that I was taking small steps to rewire my brain. Looking back, it’s clear to me that my sense of optimism is not only a discipline, but one that continues to be triggered by my daily positive focus ritual. 

In David DiSalvo’s latest book, Brain Changer, he lays out compelling evidence on how and why each of us are equipped to change our brains. So, regardless of the
challenge you’re facing or the goals you’re working to achieve, the one mental discipline that will have the greatest influence on your outcome is how you ‘think about thinking’.

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