Self Portrait As Your Traitor by Moe Abdou

Like great artists, the brands we love always seem to have a deep emotional resonance that goes way beyond the products they sell.  They often tell a story that impacts our frame of mind and celebrates our uniqueness.  They invite meaningful dialogue because they genuinely value our perspective.  And above all, they never seem to stop evolving with us.  As a sports fanatic, Nike is that quintessential example - that simple swoosh ignites “inspiration and innovation for every athlete in the world.”

The combination of story and art is smart business; and it reminds us why Andy Warhol believed that “making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”  Debbie Millman has been at the intersection of art, design and branding for nearly 20 years now, but her latest book, Self-Portrait as Your Traitor, isn’t as much about building a corporate brand as it about cultivating a personal identity.  Here’s what that means for your personal brand.

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