The Art of Choosing by Moe Abdou


I want to have a conversation with you on obviously a lot of the stuff in your book. But I want to begin with you. Your book is definitely indispensable. I have recommended it to every single entrepreneur that I know. But, I particularly am drawn to your writing style which is very captivating and very spiritual. I want to know where do you personally draw your inspiration?

I guess everything. From the moment I wake up in the morning to the moment I go to bed. I don’t actually make a distinction between my work and my personal life. They are so blended in together so that pretty much anything is fair game. That’s part of why I love choice - everything is about choice.

Most people, because they make the separation, can’t think of going shopping as this great synergy. I never feel guilty if I go shopping because I tell people, you know, its like doing work too because you never know what idea you might come with. In fact, going shopping did lead to the section on fashion. I can pick anything I like to do and it could potentially lead to an idea.

Is that because of just how centered you have become, as a person, Sheena or is it something that you constantly work on because your demeanor is definitely very apparent in your writing?

I’m a pretty naturally focused person. Once I made the decision to study choice, I pretty much -- have been the kind of person that seemed to be focused about whatever it is I was interested in. I tend to stick to whatever it is that I’m doing and everything kind of revolves around that.

On the positive side, it means that everything that I look at and do relates to that. On the negative side of course it means that I don’t always have the kind of breadth that one should have because I tend to be a bit more focused. The way I tend to get that breadth because I’m conscious of that, is I tend to surround myself with people who love to be factoid collectors or tend to be the kind of people that aim for more variety in their focus. Almost all of my assistants do different things; even my husband does different things than I do. He actually likes to study and read just about everything. That’s how I manage to deal with that weakness.

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