The Reversal of Desire by Moe Abdou

What would you do if you weren't afraid?  if you're like the rest of us, chances are, you might take a bit more risk; perhaps set more daring goals?  Or best of all, start to have an unshakable faith in your abilities.  Regardless, fear is one of those inescapable emotions – we deal with it each day, but rarely do we look at the positive side of it. 

Fear is empowering and can be very liberating, but only for those who face it head on.  That's no easy task, but luckily Phil Stutz and Barry Michels have given us their tool, the reversal of desire.  In their pioneering book, The Tools:  5 tools to Help You Find Courage, Creativity, and Willpower, and inspire you to live life in forward motion they stress that what we perceive as safe and comfortable, is actually what's keeping our lives insignificant. 

"A sense of purpose doesn't come from thinking about it.  It comes from taking action that moves you toward the future.  The moment you do this, you activate a force more powerful than the desire to avoid pain.  We call this, "the Force of Forward Motion."  Here's why Hollywood's elite turn to them for advice ——

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