True Story by Moe Abdou

A good business always improves the lives of its customers, but a great one is embedded in everything they do.  Think for a moment about the brands that you choose to make part of your life – from the food that you eat to the lifestyle you lead, it’s likely that your choice of products perfectly align with your highest ideals.  

You choose to shop at Whole Foods because you’re a health nut.  You buy iPhones and iPads because they’re edgy and put you in the creative class.  You wear Warby Parker frames because they tell the story of a cool brand, and you might have even stumbled onTom Ford while listening to the New Jay-Z.  Regardless, as individuals we’re walking billboards and only the smartest brands earn the right to be mentioned in our story.  

Ty Montague is on the forefront of re-imagining brands, and in his book, True Story: How to Combine Story and Action To Transform Your Business, he tells you that your brand’s authenticity has less to do with the story you tell and much more with the story that you live.  Here’s how you make the shift.

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